Barns and Arenas

Sunflower Barns offers a wide variety of barns and arenas that will be sure to meet your specific needs.


Barn A: Stall Size 12′ x 14′

Barns B and C: Stall Size 12′ x 12′

Barn D: Stall Size varies 12′ x 12′ each with individual all weather run outs.


Arena 1 (coverall) 78′ x 200′

Arena 2 (indoor) 65′ x 195′

Arena 3 (H/J coverall) 110′ x 220′

Outdoor arena H/J 200′ x 250′

Please contact Sunflower Barns at 262-857-8555 or for rates and availability or if you have any other questions.